In late 1978 and early 1979, a series of six very informative articles on "The Akita Dog’s Roots in Southern Akita" based on a panel discussion by some well known Akita dog fanciers appeared in the Aiken Journal. [Read more]



The initial idea of establishing a Los Angeles Branch of the Akitainu Hozonkai occurred at the 1969 Nisei Week Akita Show.  Dr. Ogasawara, a judge from Japan, who was the official judge of the show, strongly suggested to a group of interested people to form this branch.  He promised that the Headquarters in Japan would give it's assistance in every possible way.  As a result, correspondence with Japan was established and numerous organizational meetings were held by this group.  The final outcome of these meetings was the establishment of the AKITAINU HOZONKAI LOS ANGELES BRANCH which was formally recognized by Japan on February 21, 1970.


The Akiho Branch was formulated to preserve, propagate, and improve the Akitainu in the United States.  In order to achieve this goal, the organization will serve as an official channel of communication between the United States and Japan.  This organization shall gather information from Japan, and disseminate them among Akita owners so that they may be fully informed in all aspects of the Akita breed.  Judges and other Akiho officials shall be invited to Akita shows so that this Akiho Branch may be personally and directly aided in it's efforts to achieve its goals.  This organization shall also assist in importing high quality Akitas from Japan in order to breed better Akitas in the United States.

[Akitainu Hozonkai, Los Angeles Branch, manual published August 1970; Second Edition July 1974]

 In volume 22 of Rigakukai (Scientific Society), Dr. Shozaburo Watase states: "Ancient Japanese dogs may be classified into three categories: the most northern, northern and southern lines."
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