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On Daiunme-go et. al.
By Tatsuo Kimura
(September/October 2004 Akita World)

The purpose of this report is to present additional photos with some information of persons and Akita dogs mentioned in the article on Daiunme by Dr. Shinichi Ishiguro in the July/August 2004 Akita World.  Others are in Joan Linderman's books, The Complete Akita of 1983 and The New Complete Akita of 1994.  These photos have also appeared and in the book Akita that was co-authored by Mr. Naoto Kajiwara and The Japan Kennel Club (JKC) in 1998.

These photographs may help us to visualize some of the famous Akita dogs at Akiho and Akikyou from the 1960's to the 1970's mentioned by Dr. Ishiguro .  Memberships were at their peak then in both dog organizations, and they were working closer together at that time with their breeding programs.

Dr. Ishiguro was the Akiho judge at the American Akita Breeders Show in Southern California in 1966 (Linderman, J., The Complete Akita, pp . 164-166, 1983) and also at the 1975 Los Angeles Akiho Branch Show (Kuwabara, H., The Basics of The Akitainu , p. 69, 1989.  He was also the veterinarian for Goroumaru (personal communication in Akita City, 1976)

Mr. Kiyoshi Komatsu was also on the panel with Mr. Tamejirou Ishibashi in the discussion on "The Akita Dog’s Roots in Southern Akita" that appeared in Akita World from July/August 1994 through July/August 1995.

The Bankomaru out of Azumazakura and Daiunme should be distinguished from the Bankomaru ( Goroumaru x Kamihamame ) born a little less than a decade earlier.  Photos of these two dogs are enclosed for comparison.

A photo of Kihyohime (red) appears on page 22 in J. Linderman's The New Complete Akita , 1994, instead of the photo of Kiyome .  Kiyome  was a brindle;  Kiyohime was the dam of Kiyome .

Daiunme-Go Daiunme-Go Daiunme-Go Yama-Go
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Bankomaru Kumohibiki amagumome-Go Moku-Go
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