Among the important domestic animals, the first Japanese dog to be so designated was the large Akita dog in July of 1931 (6th year of Shouwa). [Read more]

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OFFICIAL JUDGE: Mr. Saburoh Odama     

For this year's show, we are honored to welcome Mr. Saburoh Odama from the Akitainu Hozonkai Headquarters in Japan.

On August 21, 1977, the LA Branch Show was held at Little Tokyo's Police Station Parking Lot. On the day of the show, the midsummer sun was extremely hot, but fortunately the show location was a large sheltered area on the first floor of the
parking lot. I did not feel the heat and as a matter of fact, it was rather cool, and I was able to judge comfortably. Considering the location of the show was in the center of the city and the weather was hot, the parking lot was an ideal place for the show.  After the opening ceremony, I started to judge immediately. The mood and the environment was warm and everyone pitched in to help the judging. When the handler and his/her dog took their positions, the audience would applaud regardless of the placement. From the bottom of my heart, I felt the people were happily enjoying the show. I feel that shows in Japan should Learn a thing or two from the LA Branch Shows.

There were approximately fifty entries. The overall level of the dogs was getting better. The dogs who looked of a different species, who had loose skin, and were overweight, nearly existed at the show. I was happy to see the essential and physical qualities improving, and the better Akitainus increasing.  I feel that the Akitainu in America is improving because of the members' love for the dog and enthusiastic research. The conspicuous points which the LA Branch Akitainus' should try to improve are the short coat, a long body, wrinkles on the forehead, weak hindquarters, and the drooping tail. (This is not because they are timid). When one is training, sometimes being strict is necessary and if he/she is careful, I don't think a dog will lower his/her tail in the ring. If a dog stands well, its good points will be more apparent.  This is something worthwhile thinking about and working on.

Of course, these dogs are a level lower than the ones in Japan. Although L.A'.s history of the Akitainu is short and even though L.A. is lacking material (not enough dogs), and it is not possible to bring dogs from elsewhere in the United States, if you strive for the best, your efforts will begin to fruit. Serious conversation and your efforts are apparent and the research and knowledge of the members are very surprising.

A dog named Kikuhime-Go , a seiken female, who was made in the USA, added excitement to the show when she was awarded the Tokuyu Award. The reference dog. Tomonobu-Go ( Matsusuke-Go x Yurihime-Go ) from Michikari Kennel in Japan, received the Tokuyu Award the year before. He was from the same litter as Meiyoshoh  winner,   Yone-Go .  At the age of six. Tomonobu-Go did not have one fault in his body structure. His strength of character and admirable looks gathered everyone's eye and soon, Tomonobu-Go became the center of attention. Because of this dog, the show's spirit rose and for this situation, the audience considered him an ideal dog.

In every category there were top notch dogs. I believe these top notch dogs would place if you took them to one of Japan's Branch Shows. I must say from the bottom of my heart that the mood and relationship between the families and the dogs is rather beautiful. Even though there is only one show a year, and because everyone obeyed the rules, I enjoyed the judging very much. Since the U.S. is far away from Japan, the LA Branch Chairman, Officers, and Members are having a hard time with the management and the operation of the club. On top of that. it must be difficult for the L.A. Branch being situated in a large country such as the United States and the relationship with the AKC and other dogs' clubs. Such problems are unthinkable in Japan.  L.A. Branch Members, please strive hard amicably to improve the Akitainu Breed.

As far as this topic is concerned. I have notified the Headquarters about this show in quite detail. I want to thank the members of the Los Angeles Branch during my stay. People's kindness is felt more, especially when you are in another country.  I can't say how much I appreciated the members greeting me at the airport and also seeing me off.  In conclusion. I wish the best for the development of the LA Branch, for everyone's happiness, and the best of luck to your dog.

(The Basics Of The Akitainu by Hiroshi Kuwabara, 2nd Edition)

  Many famous Akita dogs were produced during this period. Goromaru-go is regarded as "The Ancestor Dog That Revived The Akita Dog." [Read more]
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