Mr. Naoto Kajiwara of Osaka, an Akita dog enthusiast of over forty years, is also an Akiho judge and trustee.

Preface To The Revised Translation

Naoto KajiwaraMr. Kajiwara's Akita dog articles on the history of the development of the Akita dog, My Thoughts on The Akita Dog, was published from February 1974 to March 1976, in the Aiken Journal magazine of the Shin Journal-sha of Tokyo. These articles were incorporated into a book in 1975.
   My original translations on the history of the development of the Akita dog, with Mr. Kajiwara's permission, first appeared in the Los Angeles Akiho Branch Newsletter between 1975 and 1978. An edited version appeared, with permission, in the now defunct Akita Journal between 1977 and 1981.

Mr. Kajiwara is still active with Akiho.

He has granted me written permission again recently, to reprint his articles for Akita dog fans outside Japan.

I revised the previous translations for readability.

April 1993
Tatsuo Kimura
Ventura, CA

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