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The CRI/SOA approved Steam Way Powermatic Legacy 2100 Truck Mounted cleaning plant has many advantages over all other truck mounted equipment. Though this larger, more powerful machine is expensive, we chose the Powermatic because of its better cleaning performance.
The Powermatic's greatest advantage is the On Demand Fuel Oil Heating System. Truck mounts using explosive propane or weak heat exchangers cannot keep up with the Powermatic's temperatures that provide truly exceptional cleaning. Though some of these machines can attain fairly high temperatures, they cannot maintain the heat at the higher solution flow rates of the Powermatic. With each cleaning stroke the Powermatic will provide greater flushing action and superior cleaning under real world conditions.
We use higher temperatures for many reasons. One is just plain common sense - HOT water cleans better. Secondly, higher cleaning solutions temperatures allows us to use less cleaning compounds, because for every 18 degree increase in temperature above 118 degrees, chemical molecular activity is doubled. Thirdly, only the Powermatic's higher temperature cleaning inhibits and removes a great deal of the bacteria and germs that inherently collect in fabrics. Please be assured that these cleaning solution temperatures have been thoroughly tested by major fiber producers and carpet manufacturers and have been found to be safe to fabric integrity, style and color.
In fact, Shaw Industries has employed us to use our Steam Way high temperature cleaning to correct roll crush pile distortion problems. Superior performing tools offer maximal cleaning performance. Our larger 2.5 inch vacuum system and larger 2.5 inch hoses can move about 50% more air flow than 2 inch systems.
Our cleaning wand agitates better and it is designed to maintain as much as 30 degrees more heat than most all competitors wands because it reduces the atomization cooling. Its protection shield design will not overspray onto baseboards, drapes, furniture, etc., and will reduce the humidity released into your home.
Our RotoVac® cleans better than other rotary jet extractors due to its dual counter-rotating heat chambered cleaning heads that clean all sides of the fiber with 1500 cleaning passes per minute.

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