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We employ the Hot Water Extraction method (commonly referred to as Steam cleaning). It is a proven fact, that professionally done, it is the absolute most effective method of extracting soil, pollutants, and sources of bacteria, odor and allergens from the carpet. Our Steam Way method is recommended by all fiber producers and all major carpet mills for its cleaning efficiency. In fact, many warranties from carpet mills and fiber producers require hot water extraction by a trained professional carpet cleaner every 12 to 24 months as a provision of the continuance of their warranty. This is because truck mounted hot water extraction carpet cleaning not only improves the appearance of the carpet, it refreshes the texture: it literally "fluffs" up the fiber. They recommend hot water extraction only as a part of their warranty because it is the only carpet cleaning method that improves texture retention.

The Steam Way method depends primarily upon natural hot water and vacuum extraction to clean the carpet. This eliminates the need for massive amounts of chemicals, solvents, and carbonation used in some other methods. The Steam Way method leaves the least amount of chemical and soil residues so there is no threat of premature wear, airborne contamination, or rapid re-soiling. Over 50 carpet mills and fiber producers recommend, endorse, or refer Steam Way professional cleaners.

So-called dry cleaning methods often brag about how fast the carpet dries after it is cleaned. The truth is, there is no such thing as "dry" cleaning a carpet. All five major methods employ the use of moisture in the cleaning process. In a contest held by a consumer advocate in Denver , Colorado in 1991, the winner was clearly hot water extraction because of appearance improvement, it left the least amount of residue, and it dried the fastest. You see, when cleaning an extremely soiled carpet, if the job is to get the carpet as clean as you can, then with most methods you have to go over and over the carpet again and again . During this process, the carpet ends up wetter than it did with a "wet" cleaning method.

Carbonated CHEMical DRY cleaning (Spin Bonnet) uses an abrasive spinning pad. The largest mill in the country, Shaw industries states, "the spinning bonnet may distort the pile of a cut pile carpet, leaving distinct swirl marks. It may be used as a supplement to hot water extraction on high density loop pile carpets, but not as a substitute... It should not be used on cut pile carpets." It has no physical extraction, so as Philadelphia Carpet says, "It has very limited capability for soil removal and often leaves most of the detergent in the pile... Most complaints of excessive soiling have been found to be related to improper employment of this cleaning system."

Dry Powder cleaning methods can use harsh chemical solvents mixed with ground-up corn cob that can build up in your carpet causing excessive wear.

Unlike some other cleaning methods, the Steam Way method of cleaning carpets will make your carpets look, smell, and feel better and stay clean longer. A water softener is also used to enhance the cleaning process. Periodic Professional Cleaning with Steam Way Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction will keep your carpet looking and performing as you intended when you bought it, thus giving you a very good return on your substantial investment.

In 1991&1994, the United States Environmental Protection Agency, working in conjunction with Research Triangle Institute, investigated & scientifically tested the effects of truck mounted carpet cleaning upon the quality of the indoor air. In both of these tests, Steam Way Truck Mounted Carpet Cleaning was used as part of the testing. The results demonstrated emphatically that when properly performed, Steam Way Truck Mounted Hot Water Extraction made the indoor environment a healthier place to live by reducing gas phase organics, biological contamination, and respirable particles.

ll major fiber producers recommend periodic professional cleaning to maintain the value and beauty of carpeting. "As a general rule, carpet should be cleaned every 6 to 18 months."
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