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HEAVY DUTY PRE-VACUUMING - Use of our Certified Pile Lifter allows for maximum removal of non-soluble dry soil particles by powerful dual-motor commercial vacuum.

 UPHOLSTERY CLEANING - Because the fabric weaves, construction, soiling conditions and cleanability of upholstered furniture differ greatly from carpeting, we thoroughly inspect and test the fabric to determine the safest and most effective way to clean it. Thanks to the innovative technology from Steam Way , we use the patented Hydro-Kinetic specialized moisture extraction technique. Conventional tools have bypassed the cleaning power of modern equipment because of a fear of over wetting. The "Hydro" principle allows the use of higher solution pressures and a more effective vacuum pressure to safely achieve maximum cleaning without the fear of over wetting. It gently cleans better and more safely by leaving fabrics dryer.

ODOR CONTROL - Urine contamination is a common and complex problem: the odor, the discoloration and its unsanitary. Our recommended program for any house where pets are going to live continuously is a true product breakthrough that can simultaneously deodorize odors, neutralize dye damaging contamination and counteract and sanitize bacteria and germs and it will not void the warranty of stain resistant carpet. Other options include third generation enzymes, oxidation techniques and odor encapsulation technology. ( See our dogs at www.northlandakitas.com )

STAIN AND SOIL PROTECTION - DuPont Teflon Advanced carpet protection & stain repellency helps reduce maintenance, makes cleaning up easier and keeps your carpets clean longer. DuPont, who is also the manufacturer of STAINMASTER carpets, recommends reapplying protection after every professional cleaning, even if you already own a fine warranted, stain resistant carpet. Carpet protection can enhance that treatment, while also prolonging superior stain and soil resistance.
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