bullet  An Akita is quiet, strong, dignified and courageous. He is also loyal and respectful, reserved and noble. He is sensitive and deliberate yet possesses quickness.
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JKC BOB JKC red, female JKC red, male JKC puppy, side
JKC Puppy, head JKC Puppy, front JKC red male, side JKC BOB
Brindle, female JKC brindle, male JKC brindle, male JKC female
FCI Akita Standard and Analysis
FCI American Akita Dog Standard
bullet   The events began roughly eighty years ago, in the early 1920s, when a certain Eisaburo Ueno, professor at the Department of Agriculture at the Imperial University and resident of Shibuya, west central Tokyo, became the owner of an Akita inu puppy. [Read more]
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