bullet  In Japan the history of co-existence between mankind and dogs is at least a few thousand years old, when the Ezo-tribe (Ainu) was the main residents across Japan leading nomadic lives in the caves as far south as Kyushu or Shikoku islands. [Read more]
Hirose pup Hirose pup HQ 2002, brindle HQ 2002, brindle
HQ 2002, red HQ, red brindle Ise Unryu Ogasawara pup
Ogasawara pup Ouka´s sire Sensui Thoki
FCI Akita Standard and Analysis
FCI American Akita Dog Standard
bullet  Dogs were probably the first animals to be domesticated during the early hunting and nomadic periods, and thus accompanied man in his migrations. Japanese dogs are also believed to have retained their original features that resembled primitive dogs.
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