bullet  Western dogs began to be imported around 1570 with the opening of the port of Nagasaki to the Westerners. Large dogs such as the Mastiffs, Water Spaniels and Greyhounds from England were popular with the Japanese feudal lords. [Read more]
Orient Shadow Shadow Unknown Viceroy Orient Ouka
Ouka Ouka Ouka Ouka Ryu Ryu Ryu
Shadow Shadow Shadow Shadow shin Sho Sho
Suki Tensi Tetsu, Shady´s sire Tora Tora Tora´s sister Willie
Benibana Go Kayousow Drummer Brave Brindle Head Dennis Asian Persuasion Flame
Ryu Ryu Hana, 2002 Ice Japan, 7 years Japan, AW Japan
Japan Japan Japan Joii Joii, pup Kibo Kibo
Kibo Ki Ki Orient 1992 national

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FCI Akita Standard and Analysis
FCI American Akita Dog Standard
bullet  Originally used for hunting game, including deer, wild boar and bear, the Akita has been used in more recent times as a trained working dog and many Akitas have been used for both police work and army work during the past thirty years. [Read more]
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