bullet  No large Japanese dogs that we see today that are within the Japanese dog standard were seen before the Meiji Period (1868-1912). [Read more]
Ava, 16 months Ava, 5 months Buchi, puppy Carol Howtowns Akadashi Zilla, puppy
Kinto, puppy Lion´s brother Meisei, puppy Meisei, puppy Meisei She´s the One Raiko, Suki´s
Shady with Paul Shady, puppy Suki Tenshi and Sho Tetsu Tigerlilly Suki´s
Northland’s True Colors Unsure Yukan Yukan Akadashi Bishamon
Buchi Cheiko Freddie Kage Koda, Debra´s 3 quarter pup Miso
Mitsu True Color Shiro Toshin Toshin Titan
Paddle Titan, Paddle, Piper Forrest Dashi Dashi Debra’s brindle pup

reference collection
FCI Akita Standard and Analysis
FCI American Akita Dog Standard
bullet  It will be more scientific to classify them, however by the difference in sizes and call them the large, medium and small. Taking the medium sized animal as our standard, we can easily work out the guiding principles fairly accurately. [Read more]
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