bullet  There are many speculation of the reason why Tosa blood-line had been introduced into Akitas. Tosa fanciers may be attracted by "strong, unvocal, fearless" elements of the breed. [Read more]
Yuki, Ouka daughter Tatagal´s Kekkou Go Sui-Sui, Am Lines FCI Akita Seihoh Seihoh
Ah Chu Kuma Go Hakuhousow Kitsu´s Sui-Chu Nagusami Go, AhChu x Sui Sui Kisha Kentei
Katai Katai Hokuunno Kakusui-Go Tezuka Kensha, Gio Gio´s new import
Chiki Britt´s Sam, 75% or less Jp Britt´s Puppy Ah Chu and Tiger BOB, Gio
Richard Hellman Handler Ekisha Atemi
bullet  We soon developed a common interest in the history of the Akita dog, of which very little is still known to us in the United States, owing mainly to lack of available translated Japanese dog literature and lack of communication with recognized Japanese dog authorities. [Read more]
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