In 1963, after much study and concern, the Standard Committee submitted a revised "Standard of Perfection" to members of the Akita Club of America, which those present approved. [Read more]
Aijo Akaiohi Akaokashi Arctic Deebbler Diva Fireice Gami Go
Gami Go Geisha GGAC Red GGAC Speciality Glacier Glacier Glacier Glacier, pup
Glacier, pup Glacier, Rochester Golden Simba Hashi Head 90 National V Jackado JD
Kao Samurai Son Kashii Kazari Key Kono Ko Makai Lester Macyrad Winds Masumi
Mission Molly Noelle Raiko Raiko son Red Cloud Rimrocks Fuel
Sakusaku Sam Shimbi Sierra at 4 Sierra at 8 Slick Stitch Stitch
Stripe Sunfire Sunny, puppy Sunny, puppy Sunny Sunojo Sunojo Blackberry Sunojo Stones Of Technicolour Task
Task Task Tatsuko Yoko Tiger By The Tail Tom Tomoe San Casper
Toshimaru Tozen Tozen Wynter Jactons Flame on You Toki No Bouddha Go    
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FCI Akita Standard and Analysis
FCI American Akita Dog Standard
 When the FCI accepted the Japanese Akita dog standard, the American type of Akita dogs with the black mask and pinto coats that were winning in the FCI shows in the past were no longer able to do so. [Read more]
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